This one day workshop will reveal to you the building blocks that deliver negotiating control and give you a common negotiating language and framework which covers:

  • Core negotiating concepts
  • The process that underpins all negotiations
  • A structured approach to preparation
  • Constructive information exchange
  • The importance of trading


Whatever your ability, age, experience or industry background the Foundation Workshop starts you on a life-changing journey towards negotiating control.

"Absolutely brilliant - insightful with the right balance of theory v practical application - there will be bountiful opportunities to hit the 'higher' deal."

Julie Trewren
Senior Buyer Spirits & RTD's - Matthew Clark


Открытые тренинги формируются из участников с разным опытом, рабочими функциональными обязанностями и уровнем навыков. Благодаря разнообразию биографий участников из разных сфер бизнеса и вниманию со стороны наших тренеров ваш процесс обучения станет увлекательным и взаимообогащающим. Повышайте свой уровень, регистрируйтесь сами или запишите на открытый курс не более трёх коллег от вашей компании.

One-Company Negotiation Courses

Our One-Company negotiation training courses are built entirely around you and your business. You enjoy an exclusive teaching environment and pre-agreed course content shaped to match your needs exactly. Reserve up to 12 places per negotiation course for you and your colleagues.

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The Benefits of Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training

Nick Ford - Director, Global Client Operations at WPP

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An evocative phrase that I heard in two different settings for the first time last week. It concerns the behaviour of salespeople who spend inordinate amounts of time in what is best described as rampant persuasion rather than try to understand what the customer wants. As you must know by now (if you are regular readers of this BLOG), Scotwork are absolute experts in the art of negotiation. We often describe negotiation as what happens when the selling (persuasion) stops.

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